The sixth grade experimented with using augmented reality (AR) this spring as a way to display presentations on countries they were studying.  After conducting some research on their country, students used their Google Apps for Education account to create a slideshow presentation outlining their findings.  Next, using Chromebooks and the Movenote for Education app, the class created a video of themselves presenting their country and their slideshow information.  The video was exported to Google Drive with some degree of success – some students were able to export their entire video, others were only able to export the portion showing themselves speaking.  Finally, Mrs. Word’s geography classes used these videos, in conjunction with a photo and Aurasma Studio, to create an augmented reality experience.

To experience this virtual presentation, one needs to first download and install the Aurasma app for your favorite Apple or Android mobile device.  Once in the app, you’ll need to search for and follow the account bfccpsStudents in order to view the auras (Aurasma’s AR experience).  Finally, click on an image below to display a larger image (the trigger), point your device running Aurasma at the image, and the video should display in a few seconds.