Dear BFCCPS Community,

We are excited to kick off our first full week of the 2019-2020 school year.  Students are getting settled into new routines and becoming more familiar with our arrival and dismissal procedures.  We’re enjoying some really beautiful weather for recess and outdoor PE.

We wanted to take a moment today to share some details about the BFCCPS Administrative Team, this information is an excerpt from our Parent/Student handbook.  Based on our structure, our titles are a little different from our traditional public school counterparts. You can read more about each of the members on the team just below. As always, we are all here to help if you have any questions or concerns.

The Executive Director: Mrs. Zolnowski

The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our school, ensuring that we are operating efficiently and effectively to meet organizational goals. The Executive Director is responsible for hiring faculty and staff, preparing and oversight of the Board approved budget,  works closely with the Board of Trustees, government officials and the public, and  ensures that staff members are aligned with the school’s mission and vision and that we are working together to successfully achieve strategic objectives.   The Executive Director reports to the Board of Trustees.                                                  

The Head of School: Mr. Perna

The Head of School is responsible for the management of the ongoing operations of the school.

The Head of School’s responsibilities include providing educational leadership such as curriculum development, evaluating and supporting faculty, managing budgets, and providing management for administrative offices, programs and business operations.

Assistant Head of School: Dr. Levering

The Assistant Head of School works in concert with the Head of school and assists in the day to day operations of the school. Responsibilities include management and coordination of school communications, all student and school activities, field trips, recess and lunch, Before and After School Program, and student  discipline.

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: Mrs. Kolic

 The Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment is responsible for the mapping, organizing and the disseminating of the BFCCPS curriculum, administering statewide and internal assessments, scheduling and organizing Professional Development and working with classroom teachers to improve instructional practices.  

Director of Co-Curricular Education: Mr. Heater

The Director of Co-Curricular Education supervises the Art, STEAM, Library, Music, Physical Education, and World Language programs at BFCCPS, including staff, staff development, curriculum, program development and Performances and the Spring Musical. Fine and Performing Arts department includes all specialists.  

Director of Facility Management: Mr. Heater

The Director of Facility Management supervises the Maintenance staff in maintaining and functioning of the school and grounds.

Director of Human Resources: Mrs. Lacana

The Director of Human Resources provides leadership and direction for the school’s human resource function in support of the school’s mission as well as in compliance with legal standards and with state and federal requirements applicable to BFCCPS.  This work includes managing and developing school personnel policies and procedures, as well as providing school-wide planning and administration of comprehensive human resources programs including but not limited to employee relations, recruitment and benefits administration

Director of Student Services: Mrs. Nicodemus

The Director of Student Services is responsible for compliance with State and Federal programs for English Language Learners, Students with Disabilities, Homeless Students, as well as students requiring 504’s or IHCP’s. Other responsibilities include: non-violent crisis intervention and restraint.  

Director of Technology: Mrs. Shearer

The Director of Technology effectively implements the technology strategy and function at BFCCPS. Specifically this includes: working with administration to create and implement a technology vision, managing the Technology Specialist, managing vendor relationships, providing support for technology infrastructure of the school, collaborating with administration on the planning, purchasing, deployment, and use of technology resources, and working collaboratively with administration, faculty and staff in the use of technology in the learning environment.