Character Education is a pillar of the BFCCPS experience and each month we focus on a specific virtue school wide.  For January, the virtue of the month is Fortitude with a focus on hope, optimism, courage and goal-setting.  Today we’d like to introduce the Hardt family and share how they are preserving optimism and hope for their family even in the midst of the pandemic.  

“Fortitude in practice at our house means digging our heels in each and every day as parents and modeling optimism and resilience for our kids. My husband and I share this unspoken duty. Some days, I can’t muster this strength and he steps up. And other days, I am the one to step up.


We’ve tried to carry a “We-can-absolutely-get-through-this” attitude within our family and within the Franklin community. There are definitely days when I have a hard time selling this idea, but I keep my game face on for my kids, always”.

I know my kids see this in our home. I see them model it in small ways each day. The way they will each take a day to call and check in on “Grandma” who is far away and living alone. They speak to her with positivity and optimism and cheer her on. The way they have learned to forgive each other for things that would usually hang them up, learning and knowing that during this time everyone is really just trying to do the best they can.


Getting through this academic year has meant finding fierce courage within ourselves and sharing that with our children. I do believe that my children will grow up knowing and living fortitude and resilience because of this pandemic.”  – The Hardt Family


As we kick off 2021, we would love to share your family’s stories of Fortitude, Optimism and Hope. Please reach out to our Communications Coordinator, Mrs Basile to participate.