Welcome to the Grade Six Poetry Cafe,

Today we’re serving up positive vibes, thoughtful peer review, and snacks from home.  These sixth grade students took a positive risk to present with the respect and attention of their classmates.

Student speakers enjoyed the chill vibe by candlelight (…battery operated of course…) in a safe space to read their work aloud.  Praise was issued in the “coolest” fashion with quiet snaps and head nods throughout the cafe.

Peer feedback on each piece was provided on sticky notes for the authors review. The cafe guests then voted for their top five favorite poems which will be added to the author’s wall in Mrs. Blanchard’s classroom.  See more photos from the day in this gallery.

A huge thanks to Mrs. Blanchard and Mrs. Scalone for putting together today’s celebration of poetry to wrap up the September/October ELA Poetry Unit.

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