The Capstone Project is a culminating piece of the character education and community service pillars of BFCCPS. In participating in the Capstone process, students will develop, plan, and initiate a self-designed service-learning project. Through capstone, our students illustrate that young men and women can make an impact on their school, community and world. If you’re not already familiar with Capstone, you can read more about the program here.

Several of our 8th Grade students are holding fundraising drives and raffles over the next few weeks.  We hope that you’ll take a moment to review the upcoming projects and perhaps select a few that resonate with your family.  Our 8th Graders thank you in advance for your support:

Dom B. will hold a donation drive for dog and cat supplies to benefit the North Attleboro Animal Shelter September 21 – 25. The shelter is in real need of kitty litter, paté adult canned cat food, and kitten food but any donations are welcomed. They are also looking for treats, zip ties, cat toys, pine sol, Lysol wipes, sprays, toilet paper, paper towels, and leashes or collars that are no longer needed.

James H. will raffle off a signed Tom Brady Football and autographed picture. Raffle tickets will be sold September 22nd through October 6th at lunch. The price of the tickets will be $2 dollars for one ticket and 5 dollars for 3 tickets. All proceeds will go to Forever Home Rescue shelter in Medfield.

Ever wonder  how many shells wash up on the beach? Well billions! As part of Max O’s Capstone Project on Saving Coral Reefs, a jar will be filled with shells and displayed in the office.  For 50 cents you can make a guess as to how may there are and enter to win a great reef gift basket.  The shells will be on display from October 5 through October 23rd.Shoyaib S. is having a drive to collect non-perishable food and gently used/new clothing for the Medway House. (Please no socks or under garments). Donation bins will be available beginning on October 5th. Cardboard boxes will be in their classrooms for food donations.  Outdoor bins will be available for clothing donations.

Nolan O. will raffle off a signed Zdeno Chara Bruins Jersey from Wednesday, October 7th through Thursday, October 22nd.  The proceeds will go towards the Floating Hospital for Children in Boston. Ticket prices are as follows: $1 = 1 ticket, $5 = 6 tickets, and $10 = 13 tickets. Good luck!