Ms. Wolfe’s fourth grade art classes have been engulfed in a particularly “ugly” project over the last several weeks. After observing a variety of David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim’s Ugly Dolls, the class discussed how “ugly” can actually mean unique, creative, and beautiful. As a way to get her students thinking about where artists find inspiration and what influences their artistic expression, Ms. Wolfe set forth on having her students create “Anything Creatures” – hand-made creatures of the students’ creation, inspired by “Ugly Dolls”. Students sketched, constructed, and sewed their own fabric creatures, complete with faces, accessories, and stuffing. They are currently adding their final details and naming their creations.

This project, along with others, will be on display during the BFCCPS art show at the Franklin Library from May 26 – 28th.

To see photos of the beginning stages of this assignment, click here.


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