As anyone frequenting a 5th-8th grade classroom can attest to, the top floor of BFCCPS quickly gets hot in May & June.  Closing shades, opening windows, and running fans only do so much to increase comfort.  Handheld paper fans work, but can be distracting and, if you’re the teacher, make it difficult to conduct a class.  What’s a teacher to do to remain at optimal instructing levels?

Inspired by an online video, Mrs. Ward and her husband tried taking matters into their own hands.  With a styrofoam cooler, ice packs, an old fan, and some PVC elbow connectors, a makeshift “air conditioner” was created.  Air is blown over ice packs, lowering its temperature, and is exhausted out through the PVC connectors.  What comes out is a current of air that is noticeably cooler than the ambient air.

This contraption, unfortunately, won’t cool down an entire classroom and may not be as satisfying for some as standing in the path of a blowing fan.  Nonetheless, it’s a “cool” way for this science teacher to beat the heat during the final few days of school.