Here at BFCCPS, we strive to assist parents in their role as the Primary Educator of their children. As such, I wanted to highlight two important ways that information is available to you, our ongoing Pillar Nights as well as the monthly Scope and Sequence documents.

Our next session is scheduled for Thursday, November 20th, and I do hope you’ll join us. The Technology Pillar Night will explore the various ways that our teachers use Google Apps for Education in both the Elementary and Middle School settings. I am also incredibly excited to showcase a few outstanding examples where our teachers are implementing creative solutions in the classroom designed to seamlessly infuse technology into our student’s everyday learning experience or to enhance communication with our parents.

In order to gauge attendance for the evening, we have created an online invitation, we kindly ask that you check it out here to let us know if you will be able to join us. Because these evenings are so important to our families and since we recognize that childcare arrangements can sometimes be hard to come by, we have arranged for babysitting in the Art Room at a cost of $10 per family. (Proceeds will offset the cost of the upcoming Quebec trip for our 7th Grade Families.)

In conjunction with our Pillar Night Program, BFCCPS also distributes monthly Scope and Sequence documents for each grade level. Our Scope and Sequence documents have recently been updated to a more user-friendly format and we hope you’ll take a chance to check them out. Here are just two examples:




As a parent myself, I know that it is often hard to get a complete understanding of what my girls might be learning in the classroom, at the end of a busy day, the typical response to “What did you learn today?” might be “Nothing” or “I forget.”   We encourage you to use these Scope and Sequence documents as conversation starters with your children. If you have any questions regarding the Scope and Sequence for your students, I invite you to send an email to your student’s homeroom teacher.

Hope this information proves helpful to each of you, and that you all have a wonderful week.


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