In 1995, The Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public  School was founded by a group of engaged parents, who wanted a different education for their children.  They built a school based on 4 distinct but interconnected pillars.  These include recognizing  Parents as the Primary educator of their children, Character Education, Classical Education and Community Service.    

Students at BFCCPS participate in at least 3 community service activities over the course of each academic year:  one school based, one local/national, and one global.  This year we have the privilege of recognizing two families who embody our community service pillar, and have lived their lives in service to others.  

The Bogner family and the Park families have been actively supporting the BFCCPS Community since they both joined over 10 years ago.  Active room parents and members of the PCO have had them organizing, chairing, and supporting several committees including Teacher Appreciation, and the Family Social.  Often times, their entire family, long after their older children, Jacob and Molly Bogner, and Kelley Park graduated, would come back and help set up, take down, or run stations at the family social, looking to help out in any way that they can.  


Their service to our school community did not end there, both families helped and supported our Santa Foundation donations each year by not only organizing the collecting of donations, but also in helping to wrap and deliver the gifts.  Both families were also instrumental in supporting our music program.  Whether it was supporting the Music in the Parks competition by helping with registrations, or chaperoning the trip, supporting our musicians during the Memorial Day parades, or helping to get musical equipment from the school to graduation ceremonies and back, the Bogner and Park families were typically the first ones to volunteer and the last ones to leave after helping to clean up.  

Iris Park was instrumental in working with the Yearbook during her time at BFCCPS.  Working with room parents to identify pictures for the candid pages for each grade level, while also managing and supervising the cover contest and layout, as well as communicating about yearbook messages.  

The Bogner family, and especially Lisa Bogner, has been instrumental in supporting our expansion, especially in the Milford area.  From opening her house to families from Milford to get together and meet one another, to organizing car pools, and supporting the first regional bus route and stop in Milford, they have become wonderful ambassadors for BFCCPS in their community.

It is not just the parents of these families that have embodied the community service pillar of our school, but their children as well.  Serving as buddies for incoming students, as well as tour guides on new family building tours, and volunteers on alumni panels, as well as returning to BFCCPS to represent their high schools during the High School Fair, the Bogner and Park children also embody the BFCCPS Community Service pillar.  

The youngest children of the Park and Bogner families are now graduating from BFCCPS.  We wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for their support of the BFCCPS mission, especially the community service pillar.  Your service is greatly appreciated, and your presence in our community will be missed.