The summer months provide an opportune time to read, enjoy stories and learn new information from books. When parents and children read together, they are building language and new knowledge. They also create wonderful memories and experiences, which stay with children for many years.

Our staff have put together summer reading lists and projects designed to foster enjoyment of reading, to expose students to a variety of genres, and to encourage independent reading. It is intended to help students maintain reading proficiencies acquired during the school year.  Students in grades 6-8 also have summertime math or science assignments.  In addition, a collection of summertime math calendars (practice/review worksheets designed to do a bit of practice daily/weekly throughout the summer) are available to help your child retain their skills and to provide valuable practice over the summer.

Summer assignments went home with your child’s report card on the last day of school, but can also be found at .

Enjoy the rest of your summer break!