Over the past few weeks, students in kindergarten and first grade were introduced to an exciting new iPad app called, Book Creator. With Book Creator, students are able to create books and journals that will be shared digitally with their family, friends and to become published authors!  With each classroom in kindergarten and first grade having access to six iPad’s and the Book Creator app, students have only scratched the surface!

In kindergarten, students in Mrs. Sheerin’s class created a  book project titled Peace Doves, which was part of our Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. Students became familiar with basic functions of both the app and iPad such as recording their own voice, typing and using a stylus to write their name.  Using the iPad camera, photos were taken of students and were arranged using their fingers. Please see the link below to download the first of many book projects!

In first grade, students in Mrs. Sette’s class are using iPad’s daily to create their own journal, design their own book cover, take photos, write about their experiences and what they have learned through our curriculum. It is amazing to see the focus and attention to detail from these young students as they create their very own book! In the future, expect to see each student publish and share their journal!

For interested parents, Book Creator is available from the iTunes App store by clicking here. Download the .epub file below and upload to your Apple iPad, Google Nexus, Kindle Fire or other tablet to view.

Peace Doves’ by Mrs. Sheerin’s Kindergarten Class at
the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School
Download the ePub Version (.epub)