At BFCCPS, 7th and 8th grade students are expected to take part in a self-designed, service-learning project called a “Capstone Project”. Beginning in the second half of their 7th grade year and wrapping up in the first half of their 8th grade year, students develop, plan, and initiate a service-learning project of their choosing, receiving guidance from their advisors and families and work to impact those locally, nationally, and around the world.

Current student Anish R. is taking on such a task by raising awareness of the plight of the Bengal tiger.  One of his goals was to create a video game as part of raising awareness, and from this came “Tiger Run”.  Created with Scratch, “Tiger Run” is a recreation of the game Temple Run.  In his words:

Hello my name is Anish and for my capstone project I took on the topic
Saving The Bengal Tiger. The reason I have chose this topic for my
capstone project is because the Bengal Tiger is a beautiful creature
that is dying in huge numbers because of poaching, habitat loss,
status symbols, and human tiger conflict. They are a vital link in
maintaining the rich diversity of nature and that is why I chose this
topic. One of my goals for my capstone project was to create a game to
spread awareness of the Bengal Tiger and the link to the game is here: Please spread the word
about this game to help spread awareness of the Bengal Tiger because
it is nearing extinction. Thanks, Anish.

Click on the above link to check out Anish’s game and help spread his message!