As a fundraiser for Heifer International, the students of grade 6 created and sold valentines to the student body in the weeks leading to Valentine’s Day.  Each valentine was hand made and featured one of six animals that are available as gifts through the organization (along with information about that animal).  Students and family members paid $0.50 or $1.00 for each valentine and provided an optional message for the recipient.  The sixth graders assembled each valentine and hand-delivered them to the students on Valentine’s Day.  In all, over $350 was raised for Heifer International!

To help promote this fundraiser, Ms. Martin and a few students created “commercials” that aired during Morning Announcements.  In all, several commercials were recorded.  The video below is an edited compilation of those commercials.  Titled “A Heifer to Remember”, the video chronicles two brothers competing against each other in collecting the greatest number of valentines from their classmates.

We hope you enjoy their work as much as we had in creating it!