K-2 Students

K-2 students are not only checking out books but also working on new projects. K-2 will also begin basic computer skills as well as basic keyboard skills; this will be an exciting school year. We will be practicing navigating the internet and the BFCCPS web page.

Kindergarten and first grade students have been practicing their typing skills as well as computer skills such as how to save, open, retrieve, and print on Dell laptop computers. The students worked on basic computer skills such as logging in, passwords, the space bar, and the enter key. Students also created illustrations that go along with their written documents.

Kindergarten is learning about plants, farming, and how plants grow through the book Inch by Inch By David Mallett.

Click here to read and sing along with Mr. Stemple, Mrs. Jumes, and Mrs. Tagen singing Inch by Inch.

We are also learning about the life cycle and exploring this interactive plant cycle website.  

Fun Web Sites

Here are some fun web tools we will be using in K-2 from time to time,

China Puzzle

Dr. Seuss Fun

Animal Match

Migration Adventure

Hibernation #2

Hibernation Song

Gingerbread Games

Fill your Bucket 

Internet Safety

Make a Pumpkin 

Alphabet Fun

Alphabet Bubble

Alphabet Order

Make a Face


Kindergarten Books

Click here to open Mrs. Jumes’ Kindergarten Vacation Book

Click here to open Mrs. Tagen’s Kindergarten Vacation Book