Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is not only checking out books but we are using Microsoft word, the school server, the internet as well as continuing to use Typing Pal. Typing Pal can be found at Student life>Curriculum Links on the web site. Students log-in with their first initial last name (all lower case). This is not homework just a great way to learn typing and redo assignments if students want to at home.

We will also type, save, and more on the computers in the future classes. Fourth grade will continue to reference assignments and continue working with Typing Pal.   All the fourth grades will be learning about the states. Henry Anker has a website we have been using to review our knowledge of the  United States and more.

Fourth grade rubric for the hand written assignment

Fourth grade rubric for the technology assignment 


Fun Web Sites

Here is a fun web tool we have been  using in fourth grade from time to time,

Mexico Geo Game

Mexico Map Games

Mexico Web Quest


Halloween Word Search

Dance Mat Typing