Eighth Grade


Fake Book Link

Use this link to create a Fake Book page for a character in a book.

Capstone Padlet


The eighth graders have been working on blogs and their capstone projects. In Technology class students were challenged to expand on their Capstone Project a by creating a Prezi or an unlimited Google presentation. Prezi is an online slide show presentation tool that allows students to not only add pictures and images, but allows them to  zoom in and rotate elements of the presentation. This can be a powerful tool and highly engaging for presentations. Now that the Capstone Project is completed, students posted their Capstone projects onto their blog. Next, students learned about Padlet. The students posted their  blogs with their capstone projects onto a Padlet that displays all of the students’ Capstone Projects in one, easy-to-access location. Through this Padlet families and other interested parties can view their child’s work as well as the work of their peers. Enjoy

8H Capstone Padlet 

8C Capstone Padlet

Eighth grade  will continue to create projects on both the server and on Google docs. Students will continue to reference assignments and are beginning to work with various web tools such as Prezi, Google docs, Blogger, Encyclopedia Britannica on line (BFCCPS web page>Student Life>Curriculum Links) http://bfccps.org/student-life/curriculum-links/  and others. Students will create a Blog on Blogger and begin to to fill it with posts and media assets. Here is a short tutorial to help students create their blog.

Here is a link to free online books through the Franklin Public for research.

Free Research

Here is a link to print out a application to join the Franklin library to access more books and ebooks.



Eighth Grade Rubric

Dance Mat Typing