On June 13, the sixth grade hosted an assembly about bridges, one of our topics of study this year. Presenting to the third and seventh grade students, grade six talked about factors that influence a bridge’s design and the forces they must overcome to stay functional.

After a brief look at several different bridge designs, Mr. Duque hosted a newspaper bridge build-off between the sixth and seventh grade classes. Having twenty sheets of newspaper, a roll of scotch tape, and approximately twenty minutes, students were tasked with constructing a bridge that would span a 24″ gap without anchoring the ends.

The bridge’s strength was tested by the third grade students, who gently added mass (science textbooks) to the bridges until they failed. Third grade students were selected for this opportunity because of their experience in bridge construction earlier in the year.

At the end, Coach Burke’s advising group designed a bridge that held three textbooks (79.95oz).