Dear parents/guardians of eighth grade scientists,

I am writing to tell you about an exciting project we are working on in science class!

As you might know BFCCPS uses the Project Based Learning teaching method, or PBL, to assist student learning.  A project motivates students to gain knowledge, and they retain it longer. Projects give students the chance to apply the skills they learn in school to personally relevant and real-world situations. Your child also learns skills in PBL such as how to think critically, solve problems, work in teams, and make presentations. These skills will help students succeed in the future, both in school and in today’s work world.

Our project is called “The S’more Project” and it will last about one month. Students will learn about heat transfer, the greenhouse effect, and the engineering design process,. The project’s Driving Question, which focuses our work, is “How Could the Sun Create the Perfect S’more”?  Students will be involved in researching on the Internet, preparing an oral presentation and engineering design storyboard, and designing a solar oven.  Your child will work in a team with my guidance.

At the end of the project students will make presentations to the class using an engineering design process storyboard.  This presentations will take place in the science classroom and will be scheduled for the week of November 17th.  Exact times and details are forthcoming.

Students will be assessed individually on their content knowledge, their collaboration skills, and their presentation skills. I have attached the rubrics we will use to guide the creation of the solar oven and assess students’ work. You may find these helpful in understanding what we are asking students to do, and supporting your child during the project. As parents or guardians, you can discuss the project at home, encouraging your child to think hard and ask questions about the topic. You can also support the project by helping in the classroom, and providing resources, etc.

Students will be asked to supply the ingredients for their s’mores, and all basic materials to construct their solar oven.  Please see the attached material list on the S’more Project Intro.

Note: Materials will need to brought to science class on Monday, November 3rd. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the project!

Attached documents include:

S’more Project Intro

Smore Project Calendar

Presentation Rubric

Collaboration Rubric

S’more Project Final Presentation Checklist



Melissa (Ms.H.)