With the cancellation of two Quebec City trip meetings because of inclement weather, we have decided to post a video blog with important details for the upcoming seventh grade trip! Please review the materials below with your child and sign the necessary forms. If you have questions or concerns after viewing the video, please contact Mireille Malouf via email at mmalouf@bfccps.org.

List of Participants for the Quebec City Trip 2013:

Mme. Mireille Malouf, Mrs. Beth DiMartino, Ms. Jen Kelly-Hollis, Mrs. Lisa Lockhart, Mrs. Rosita Moosavi (Nurse) and Mrs. Suzanne Graham

Parents Traveling by Van:
Mrs. Judy Brosky, Mrs. Doris Reynolds, Mrs. Kimberly Pradko, Mrs. Mary Barton-Rau, Mr. David Angermeier, Mr. Steven Hughes, Mr. Lesley McCaffrey, Mr. Raymond Mullaney, Mrs. Carolyn Fernandez and Mrs. Iris Park

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