On Thursday Dr. Pistiner gave two fantastic presentations, one for our teachers and staff and a second for the parent community.  Both presentations were designed to help the community understand how to manage life threatening allergies.  Our administrative team also had the opportunity to meet with him in a small setting  about our policies and practices.  We were thrilled to have him reinforce that “we do this well and we do it right.”

Dr. Pistiner shared a thoughtful and engaging evening presentation to about 70 interested community members which included about 45 minutes of interactive Q&A. We were joined by parents, friends, family members, preschool directors, teachers and school nurses from neighboring districts.  Attendees had the opportunity to practice with Epi-Pen and Avi-Q trainers to be familiar with their use in the event of an emergency.

We invite you to visit AllergyHome.org for additional allergy related tips and tools such as a Food Allergy Drop-Off and Babysitters FormHow to Read an Ingredient Label for Food Allergies and more.  In particular you can find detailed information about preparing for Play Dates and Parties on this page.