FINAL.jpgHello! I’m so happy that your child has chosen percussion as their band instrument! Percussion students will learn how to play many different instruments during lessons and in band. Some of these instruments include the snare drum, bells, xylophone, bass drum, timpani, triangle, tambourine, congas, bongos, woodblock, crash cymbals, tam-tam, claves, and more!






Percussion students will receive weekly assignments and practice charts to have signed by their parents.

Practice Tips for Students

  • Designate a daily practice time! It’s better to practice in small chunks daily than large chunks infrequently.
  • Practice both your mallet and snare assignments!
  • Practice slowly. I know it’s super fun to play super fast, but it’s important to make sure you can play it slowly at home. We will work on picking up the tempo during lessons!

Practice Tips for Parents

  • Designate a daily practice time!
  • It’s better to practice small chunks daily than large chunks twice a week. Our practice charts require at least 20 minutes of daily practice time.
  • Make sure your child is practicing both their bells and snare assignment.
  • Be encouraging and excited that your child is learning an instrument! They might make weird and strange squeaks or play too loudly in the beginning, but we will work on it! Eventually those squeaks and noises will sound like awesome music!