The Seventh and Eighth grade competed in a Penny Wars Competition as part of our Global Service Project with Heifer International.   The objective was to collect as many pennies as possible.  Students try to fill their grade level jar with pennies. Each penny is 1 point. Nickels are minus 5 points, dimes minus 10 points, etc.  Students from other grades want to put pennies in their own jar and nickels, dimes, quarters in jars from the other grades.                 
The competition occurred daily during lunch and it was intense!  During the Penny War our students raised a total of $675.52!
In regards to the game everyone was in the negative.
4th place; Ms. Brunelle with $-197.85
3rd place; Mr. McSweeny with $-77.50
2nd place; Ms. Kovacs with $-54.10
1st place; Ms. Herliczek with $-40.00
Thanks to everyone that participated in the competition for a great cause!  To learn more about Heifer International please visit