Thank you all students, teachers and parents who helped make this year of banking so great.  This year’s PCO banking program officially ended on Thursday, June 4th.  You can still make deposits into your accounts throughout the summer directly at Dean Bank.  We will keep you posted when banking will start up again in the Fall.  If anyone is interested in signing their child up for banking next year you can either pick up an application in the office in the banking mailbox or go directly to Dean Bank.  We think the children enjoyed the new “banker of the day” this year.  We also tried to have some more exciting prizes this year.  Ultimately the kids had fun and  the 4th graders enjoyed being the tellers throughout the year.

We would like to announce the bankers of the month who will receive a $5.00 deposit directly into their accounts:

Christopher Theodorou, Sam Fiorillo, Luke Jackson, Ellenor Ward, Kaitlin Johnson, Thomas Krusz, Eban Collins, Ella Griffin, Anush Jugulum, AAroh Jugulum, Carly Tarantola, Lindsey Tarantola, Giavanna Mogauro, Laren Markarian, Accalia Collins, Jason Huff, Sam Griffin, Oliver Manning, Hailee Wenger, Michael Markarian, Charles Nash, Sophie Pacheco, Lauren Markarian and Zoe Santos..

Dean Bank also recognized Kira Magliari, Ella Griffin and Bella Brancato for winning the “It pays to save and have good grades” contest.
Thanks again for a wonderful year of banking.
Heidi and Pushpa