The Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School provides a hot lunch and milk option to all students.

All of our lunches will be prepared and delivered  from right here in Franklin.   For the past 20 years Papa Ginos has provided well balanced, healthy hot lunches for many of Massachusetts largest public school systems.  We hope everyone will be happy to see the wide range of options that include salads, sandwiches, and pastas.  Because our lunches are pre-ordered, we will continue with ordering in advance.  All lunch orders are due by the 20th of the prior month, our system will automatically shut down at 7pm on the 20th.  For example, October’s lunches will be ordered online by September 20th at 7pm.   We will not be able to process any orders following the cut off.  All lunches are preordered, unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds once an order has been placed.  Menus are provided (2)months in advance.   You are not required to order two months ahead, but the option is available if you choose.

Our milk is pre-ordered and supplied by Garelick Farms.

Operating in full compliance with the Massachusetts School Nutrition Guidelines, our shared goal is to ensure that we offer students food and beverage choices that enhance learning, contribute to healthy growth and development and cultivate life long healthy eating behaviors. For more information about these guidelines please see School Nutrition Association of Massachusetts.

We also sponsor a healthy kids initiative, which includes themed activities and samples of a variety of fruits and vegetables, on site hosting of several student maintained community garden beds and a regular parent newsletter.

For questions or comments, please contact our lunch coordinator, Stephanie McGovern via email at

Click Here for Online Lunch & Milk Ordering →

Instructions for signing up for Lunch and/or Milk ordering:

Sign in as a new customer or, if you ordered lunches last year, as a returning customer.
Each student must have their own tab in the blue/green menu bar.  All lunches and milk can be ordered under this tab.

Returning students must update all information including grade and homeroom teacher. If this information is not updated, your child’s lunch may be sent to the incorrect lunch.

If you want to order milk only:

  • Click on the a “Lunch Ala Carte” choice; this allows you to order milk for the year for $75.00 per student.

August and September 2018’s menu will be available beginning on August 1, 2018.

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