Each year the BFCCPS nurses offer training for the staff to able to administer epinephrine via auto-injector to a student with a previous diagnosis of a life-threatening allergy who is experiencing an anaphylactic reaction. In compliance with the state requirements, we also provide you with a mid-year review for this content. All who participated in the annual Life-Threatening Allergy Training in the fall are asked to complete the review prior to February vacation.

Please complete the following steps.


1a. Watch the Epi Pen Administration Video

1a. Watch the Auvi-Q Administration Video: Please note – training content ends at 0:42.

2. Review the Life-Threatening Allergy Mid-Year Presentation

3. Life-Threatening Allergy Mid-Year Review Quiz

Log into your @bfccps.org account, please take the short Life-Threatening Allergy Mid-year Review Quiz!

Once the quiz had been submitted it will generate a report and record of your participation will be kept on file in the nurse’s office.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Christina Barrows and Stephanie Curran
BFCCPS School Nurses