We are excited to announce a new community service program at BFCCPS. We are opening a school based food pantry for children enrolled at BFCCPS called Ben’s Basket.


Our community is defined by our shared care and love for our students and support of our unique mission as a school. Community Service has been a pillar of our school since we were founded in 1995, and I have always been amazed at how this community rallies around needs as they arise.
Our faculty and staff have been passionate about getting this off the ground, and have volunteered to provide logistical support of this program. We hopeful that our community will provide ongoing support for this initiative.
Ben’s Basket is the recipient of a Stop and Shop Mini-Grant in partnership with the Hockomock Area YMCA.
If you are a family in need, please know that we are here for you.


Introducing Ben’s Basket



We have launched a school based food pantry at BFCCPS called Ben’s Basket which will provide students with kid-friendly and nutritious food for those families who would benefit from this extra support. We, as a community, will gather, package and provide bags of food for students to take home on weekends and breaks throughout the school year. Participation in this program will be kept confidential.


This program is free to all participating families. Bags will contain a variety of foods for breakfast, lunch/dinner and snack and will all be kid friendly. The bags will be passed out on Fridays and days prior to breaks in a discreet and caring manner and will continue through the end of the school year. 


If you are interested in having your child participate, please fill out the form attached below and return to the attention of Ben’s Basket at school. The first Ben’s Basket Bags will be sent home with participating students on November 22.


Families can sign up for the Ben’s Basket program at anytime throughout the school year. Students that are registered by Wednesday will receive a bag on that Friday.


If you are interested in helping support Ben’s Basket, please check out the tab under community service on our website to provide necessary food items and monetary donations are always welcome. We are always looking for community partners so if you or someone you know can help, please let us know at Bensbasket@bfccps.org 


Sign Up To Receive Ben’s Basket


Hard copy forms have been sent home today with all students. You can also


Community Support Needed to Fill Ben’s Basket

If your family is in the position to make a charitable donation to our School Based Food Pantry, Ben’s Basket you can send electronically via Paypal to Billing@bfccps.org or mail a check payable to BFCCPS to the following address, please add “Ben’s Basket” in the notes. We will purchase and distribute items to support the families who receive assistance through Ben’s Basket so that they can purchase the items most needed by their family.

Ben’s Basket
500 Financial Park
Franklin, MA 02038
If you find yourself in a financial position to support Ben’s Basket we would greatly appreciate your assistance.
If you would prefer to make a monetary donation or send Gift Cards you can send to BFCCPS to the attention of Ben’s Basket