Driving Directions to 500 Financial Park

The Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School is located at 500 Financial Park in Franklin Massachusetts, just 1.9 miles from Exit 16 on Route 495. 

Our facility is accessible via the entrance at 431 Washington Street in Franklin. (There is a gated entrance to Financial Park off of Grove Street which requires card access; please note that this entrance is not accessible to parents and staff.) 

Arrival Instructions

BFCCPS has a dual start time, students in Kindergarten through Grade Five begin at 9am, and students in Grades Six through Eight start at 8:20 am. 

  • Students in Grade Six through Eight who are dropped off may begin doing so at 8 am. 
  • Students in Kindergarten through Grade five who are dropped off may begin doing so at 8:45 am.

When you arrive at 500 Financial Park, please proceed up the right hand side of the driveway and drive around the back of the building. There is a one way flow of traffic all around the building. If you are dropping off your child, please stay in the left hand lane as you go around the back of the building.

Morning carline should wrap around the building with the first car lined up at the flag pole as shown in the photo on the left. 

Students should exit vehicles on the left hand side of the car onto the sidewalk.  The right hand lane will be used for any parents, faculty and staff who are driving to the parking lot to walk into the building. BFCCPS staff will be on duty to monitor the arrival process. 

Students in Grade Six through Eight will make their way up to their classes to put things in their lockers and get settled into their homerooms. Students who are not seated in their homerooms by 8:20 will be marked tardy. 


K-5 Carline should queue up on Financial Parkway until 8:40 a.m. when a member of BFCCPS staff will indicate that morning arrival is ready to commence.  Students should not exit their cars until BFCCPS Staff members are ready to let students into the building. Students for Kindergarten through Grade Five may begin arriving at 8:45 am and will make their way directly to their classrooms. 

Students exiting along the far side of the building by the flagpole will be directed to the closest entry door (this may be at the front door by the flagpole, or the entry doors at the back of the building.)

Cars that are lined up along the back of the building will enter as follows:

  • Students in Kindergarten through grade one will enter via the back doors on the K/1 wing,
  • Students in Grade 2 &3 will enter via the back doors on the 2-5 wing
  • Students in Grades 4&5 will enter via the door in the middle of the Courtyard.

Students who are not seated in their classrooms by 9:00 will be marked tardy. 

Tardy Sign in Process

Any student who arrives tardy will need to sign in at the Central Office, will be marked as tardy and will receive a pass to head to class.  Please review the Parent/Student handbook for complete details on our tardy and absence policy.  

Dismissal Instructions

All students in Kindergarten through Grade Eight are dismissed at 3:05 pm.  

Only buses are permitted to park at the front of the building. All car traffic should enter via the right hand side of the driveway and proceed around the back of the building.  

Please note that the car line may not enter BFCCPS until 2:50 pm. Employees of our afterschool program will be arriving at this time and will need access to the premises. Any parents/guardians arriving before 2:55 should wait on Financial Park Drive on the far right hand side of the street with their hazard lights on. Please do not block the entrances to any of the businesses along Financial Parkway. It is imperative that cars waiting for carline leave adequate space for trucks who may need to enter or exit the warehouses.   

BFCCPS has suspended the use of the Fastlane QR scanning program. At this point we are not confident it can operate as advertised dependably, and do not want to risk any further disruption to the carline.  

Please place your BFCCPS issued or homemade signs in the dashboard of your car with the students Last Name clearly visible.  Please leave this in your dashboard for the duration of the pickup process so we know which students to dismiss, as well as which student is to be loaded into which car.

Starting at 2:55 PM, and when directed to do so by a member of our staff, the car line may enter the pickup loop Please drive single file up the right hand side of the driveway.  At the top of the hill you will be directed into the right or left hand side of the line.  It is important to note that students may be returning from the fields during this time.  Please proceed with extreme caution at all times.  Please park your car and turn off the ignition since idling while on the property is not permitted.

BFCCPS staff will load students into vehicles both along the back and gymnasium side of the school building in two lines of cars. This will allow us to load twice as many students in a round than we have in the past.  Vehicles will be released one side at a time, as we have in the past.

BFCCPS faculty and staff will supervise students in the Learning Commons during carline pickup.  Students will be called to their cars in groups and escorted to the pickup zone. Our staff will direct you when all cars in the pickup zone have been loaded and it is safe to pull forward. As the next wave of cars move into the pickup zone we will repeat the process until no cars remain in the pickup line. 

BFCCPS will not offer Courtyard pickup this year. Any student who is not registered for Afterschool Care or riding a bus home will need to be picked up by a parent/guardian or designee in the car line. If you’d like to “park and play” you may do so after picking up your student in the car line. The BFCCPS playgrounds will be open till 3:45 to parents and students; thereafter students enrolled in the BFCCPS After School program will have exclusive use of the playgrounds. 

Please exercise caution at both of the cross walks on the property.  There is a stop sign at the front corner of the building. Car traffic must yield to buses exiting the bus loading/unloading area.  When exiting the property car traffic must take a right hand turn onto Financial Park, only bus traffic may exit using the gated access to Grove Street. 

A Note About Traffic on Financial Parkway

The hope is that with a split arrival time, and the return of morning and afterschool care that the traffic on the parkway is alleviated this year.  Two cones have been placed along the parkway reminding parents of the importance of not blocking the warehouse driveways.  Last year we had asked parents not to park anywhere between the two cones, this year the process is modified slightly and ask that you leave the area surrounding the driveways clear and you may wait along the length adjacent to the ballfield. 
The trucks pulling into the warehouses are enormous and need a lot of turning radius. Please be good neighbors to the businesses along our road. Also please be kind and respectful to other parents as we navigate new procedures.