As our whole school celebrates the virtue of Fortitude this month; we’re reaching out to the community to share stores of families with a highlight on hope, optimism, courage and goal-setting. Today we’re sharing a story from a family who is new to BFCCPS this year.  Their ability to embrace optimism and set a growth mind-set example for their son is inspiring.  By the way, check out that great poster in the background.  Please be sure to see another recent article here.  If your family would like to participate in this series,  please email Mrs Basile

“As our son starts his second trimester as a Kindergartener via Remote Academy, we want to take the opportunity to express our appreciation for the dedication and thoughtful consideration that everyone at BFCCPS, from administration to teachers and staff, has put into navigating educating students during the COVID crisis.  We realize that this year has forced schools to essentially reinvent the wheel and we know that the teaching teams are putting an incredible effort into making this year a success.  We see, on a daily basis, the joy that BFCCPS teachers are bringing to their work and it is helping our son excel within the confines of this unusual and trying time.  Thank you for your diligent consideration of safety when making decisions for BFCCPS as well as for creating such a strong team of committed teachers and staff members. 

We have been so impressed with the entire team; everyone has been so accessible and communicative.  Mrs. Fagone is wonderful!  She has worked hard to patiently reinforce the classroom norms while still encouraging students to find their voice in group classes.  Her positive and inquisitive approach to teaching has really helped our son thrive in this new remote environment and he lights up when she logs on for live lessons.  

We also want to acknowledge all of the Specials teachers who have put enormous effort into both their synchronous and asynchronous lessons. Our son loves music with Miss S. (He’s been tee tee and ta-ing all over, finding his own beats on everything since he started music classes this year.)  He’s also absorbing French at an incredible pace thanks to Madame Canning and will, unprompted, tell us the French words for colors and numbers that he sees around the house.  Library time with Mrs. Bartsch is another favorite class, as he loves books.  She always seems to find stories that he hasn’t read before that are both fun and encourage him to think about things in a new way.  Our son already came to BFCCPS loving to draw, but with Mrs. Sunday’s creative lessons (assisted by Mrs. Kelleher), he is learning more control with his strokes and his independent artwork outside of class is starting to branch out beyond his beloved steam trains and prehistoric creatures – which is a big win!  Coach Simpson, with support from Coach Anderson or Coach Burke, never fails to get him moving and we appreciate that P.E. classes also have a health component, covering hand washing, cold weather safety and other important topics.  

BFCCPS is truly thinking outside of the box in trying to meet the needs of all its students. Every staff member we’ve had the pleasure of working with has been exemplary and deserves a special shout out for all they do!”