On September 8, 2020, the Holiday Farm Fire tore through the McKenzie River School District community in Finn Rock, Oregon. Luckily, it did not tear through its school buildings, however they are now being used as a central command station to the community. Roughly thirty three percent of teachers and families lost their homes in the fire. The McKenzie River School District is not only dealing with recovering from the fire, but they are also dealing with the time of COVID. Many students are trying to learn remotely from hotel rooms or mobile homes. The videos below show just a small snippet of the resilience and strength of this community and what they are going through. 

To begin our work, we are inviting students and staff to make cards that will spread cheer to the students in the McKenzie River School District. Students and staff are encouraged to make hand drawn pictures or written notes of happiness that will be mailed off and delivered to the students. The cards can be emailed to Mrs. Hiatt at RHiatt@bfccps.org or mailed to the school directly with Attention: Mrs. Hiatt noted on the envelope. There will also be a box at the next item pick up on February 11, 2021. Please make sure your student writes his or her first name only on the drawings and notes. Cards will be collected until February, 11, 2021.  


As the school year proceeds, you will learn more information about the McKenzie School District. Our school is looking forward to fundraising for them and donating towards the rebuilding of their town library. Look out for more details to come on this project.