Dear BFCCPS Community,
We are incredibly excited to share the latest photography from the site captured on October 13th. As you can see, the construction teams have begun the installation of both the roof and the walls. Concrete floors have been installed on both the first and second floors of the building. You will find detailed photos just below. We hope you are as excited about these developments as we are!
Enrollment applications for family, friends and neighbors who would want a chance to attend BFCCPS starting in the Fall of 2019 will be available as of November 1st.
Mrs. Zolnowski
Executive Director

Aerial footage of the project taken on October 13th from 1,600 feet. You can see the general layout of our new facility. The driveways, sidewalks, parking lot and fields are taking shape.

Wall installation as of October 13th. The building is being enclosed so that interior construction can take place over the winter months.
View of the front of the building, concrete flooring has been installed on both the first and second floors throughout all three buildings.