For the second year in a row, last week students participated in National No Name Calling Week, which is an annual week of educational activities aimed at increasing public awareness of the devastating effects of verbal bullying. This movement was created as a way to provide schools with tools and resources to end name-calling of all kinds and to inspire communities to continue work on the path of eliminating bullying in schools.

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All students participated in No Name Calling Week through a variety of different activities and lessons. Teachers in kindergarten through fourth grades incorporated lessons into classroom activities and discussions. Students in fifth through eighth grades were exposed to these conversations and lessons through their advising groups.

In addition to classroom activities and discussions, students were also encouraged to participate in a Poster Contest. The poster contest ran for the entire week, with the purpose being that students create an 8×11” poster to promote either no name calling or anti-bullying. Many student posters included terms they have learned through their character education lessons and anti-bullying curriculum, including “bystander” and “upstander”. A binder was created with all of the posters and is going to be passed around throughout the school for all students to see.  The winners of the contest are listed below.

First Place: Lauren & Bridget, Fifth Grade

Second Place: Emma, Fifth Grade

Third Place: Dandi, Catie & Maddy, Fifth Grade