A mock trial of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. J. Clark took place in Ms. Kelly’s Criminal Justice Enrichment Block Class.

Students in sixth through eighth grades have been learning about the United States criminal justice system and are all playing active roles in a mock trial. After studying major types of crime; the arrest process; the responsibilities of district courts and attorneys; how citizens are protected by the Bill of Rights in a trial; the role of witnesses in a trial; and the jury selection process the class members were assigned roles to play in a fictitious murder trial.

Under the guidance of the student judge and assisted by expert witnesses, (played by Mrs. Ward, Ms. Herliczek, Mr. Duque, Mr. Callahan, and Mr. Velky) the student prosecution and defense teams have been doing their best to convince the student jury to rule in their favor. Will J. Clark be acquitted or found guilty? Whatever the verdict, they have all learned a little bit more about how the criminal justice system works.