It’s only mid-May, but already there is a lot to get caught up on!

BFCCPS recently held our 2015 Spelling Bee. The purpose of the National Spelling Bee program is stated as “ to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.”  In offering this opportunity to BFCCPS students we aim to provide an educational and fun opportunity for students looking for an academic challenge.

Students participated in the first round held on May 6th, and at the conclusion of that event nine students in grades 4-8 qualified for the Finals.  These nine students bravely competed in front of their classmates, teachers and parents.  Our final two spellers, Sam H. from grade 7 and Ansh T. in grade 8 went head to head for 11 rounds.  Ansh emerged as the 2015 Spelling Bee Champion after properly spelling the word diabolical. Congratulations Ansh!

Spelling Bee Top Two

Spelling Bee Finals

We also had a new addition to the BFCCPS Physical Education staff last week! At the PCO Spring Family Social kindergarten student Colter M. won the Coach for a Day Experience.  Colter enjoyed working with the sixth graders to make sure everyone was playing safely and following the rules, and also got to help instruct both of the Kindergarten classrooms a bit later in the day.  The weather was just about perfect for our young coach! Thanks to Coach Burke and Coach Simpson for offering such a fun experience.

Many thanks to Mrs. Schwab for organizing our annual Walk to School Wednesday activities.  After walking the school grounds from 8:15- 8:45 am, students were awarded with commemorative pencils and stickers. It was an invigorating way to kick off the day. Thanks to everyone who joined us.

Walk to School Wednesday Thank You

BFCCPS May 2014-5That same week, the Parent Community Organization spoiled all of us simply rotten!  The week kicked off with thoughtful messages from the students for each member of our staff along with a tasty candy treat.  Be sure to read some of the Teacher Appreciation Sweet Comments From Students.

On Tuesday, we were treated to a delicious luncheon with special guests Jeffrey Roy, State Representative and two members of our Board of Trustees, Mr. Tappin and Mr. Mullen. As an added bonus, parents volunteered to cover lunch and recess duty so that staff could enjoy lunch together in the library. For anyone that wasn’t able to get away from their desks, students were on hand to deliver!  At the conclusion of the event, Dr Perry and Mrs. North each won a raffle prize: tasty gourmet Pancake Mix and Brownie Mix.



BFCCPS May 2014-6

On Wednesday the PCO delivered a special afternoon pick me up – these cupcakes in a jar were not only thoughtful they were so delicious. Later that afternoon, the winners of the Baby Pictures and the School Supply contests were also announced.

Teacher Appreciation-6


Cupcake 2

Our staff arrived on Thursday morning to find a beautiful and delicious breakfast waiting for them in the courtyard.  Our attentive servers fixed hot coffee and tea just to our liking and prepared bite sized bagels, homemade muffins, yogurt and a fruit cup for everyone.

To wrap up the week we arrived on Friday to find that the staff room had been completely cleaned, organized and restocked by our PCO “Pantry Fairies.” Gift bags were also delivered to every member of the BFCCPS staff filled with office supplies, drink mixes, water bottles, and lots of candy too! Later on in the day we received a beautiful plant in the Front Office to kick off a “Year of Flowers”.  Our staff will be able to enjoy this gift of fresh flowers when they are checking in or out, stopping by to collect their mail and messages.  It was a truly incredible week, thank you so very much to all the students and parents that helped to make us all feel so special.

Mr. Callahan and the 8th Grade students put on an assembly on Friday morning recapping their Washington DC experience; we invite you to view the video here. Following the assembly, several students in grades 5-8 were awarded Character in Action Awards. Congratulations to these deserving students on their special recognition.

Character Awards

Students in the Symphonic Band and Chorus recently participated in Music in the Parks, an educational experience adjudicated by top-notch professionals in the music education field.  Please look forward to a longer post with more details in the very near future, for now you can watch a video of the Chorus performance here.  The Chorus was awarded First Place and an Excellent Rating.  The Symphonic Band received a second Place Trophy for their outstanding performance.

Music in the Parks

We also had several students and parents volunteer to walk in the Fashion Show at the Shoppes at Bellingham to support the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition. Thank you for representing BFCCPS in our community!
Next week will kick off our annual Fine and Performing Arts week, it is a wonderful celebration featuring a parade, two concerts and of course our school art show where every single student will have a piece on display. You can find the detailed schedule of events on this document Fine and Performing Arts Week 2015. We hope to see you this weekend for the annual Memorial Day Parade.