Grade 7 Platinum Medal Award 
Julien Awuku-Asante

Several students in grades 6-8 participated in Le Grand Concours, the National French Contest, which is a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French.
This year was the 87th annual contest, where over 42,000 students in grades 1-12 in all 50 states competed.
Although we are proud of all the BFCCPS students who volunteered to participate in the National Contest this year, we would like to recognize the following students for achieving national ranking in their division level.

Grade 6 Honorable Mention

Christopher Brown

Elyse Ferreira

Sadie Nash

Ronan Ragan

Lucca Scansen

Juliana Villano

Violet Wiernicki

Grade 6 Silver Medal Awards

Sydney Dias

Risheth Rajasekaran

Grade 7 Honorable Mention

Aanya Goel

Hanorah Lyons

Abigail Perkins

Sabrina Gaul

Hasini Garrepalli

Emilyn Joseph

Analise Pinto

Vrinda Uddaraju

Hailee Wenger

Matthew Welch

Nicholas Mitchell

Sophie Shaw

Grade 7 Bronze Medal Awards

Chloe Georges

Monica McIntyre

Grade 7 Silver Medal Awards

Nehashree Bheemu

Kiara Jin

Lilly MacDonald

Meghan Markarian

Noah Chan

Grade 7 Gold Medal Awards

Francesca Matthews

Adarsh Presanna

Grade 7 Platinum Medal Award (*perfect score)

Julien Awuku-Asante

Grade 8 Honorable Mention

Braeden Levine

Charles Maki

Abigail Sullivan

Patrick McIntyre

Liam Nolan-Hayun

Subikshaa Raja

Grade 8 Bronze Medal Awards

Satya Amarakonda

Grace Apicella

Ethan Barnes

Samuel Griffin

Andres Silva

Grade 8 Silver Medal Awards

Elisabeth Ewanchuk

Riley MacDonald

Charles Nash

Grade 8 Gold Medal Awards

Victoria Courtwright-Lim

Arsh Tyagi

Congratulations to all the French Award winners! We hope that all the students at BFCCPS will always strive to pursue opportunities to advance their knowledge and study of the French language and culture. Thank you to all the parents who have always supported and advocated for the French program at our school. Merci!