As part of the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School’s commitment to classical education, our students in grades 3-8 receive instruction in Latin. This year, on May 29th, students in grades six and eight were recognized for their achievements on the National Latin Exam.

Grade Eight students participated in The National Latin Exam, which is technically a high school level exam for Latin I.  This year, BFCCPS students have earned three Gold Medal recipients, which is a record accomplishment! BFCCPS students have also been awarded four Silver Medals, five Magna cum Laude and seven Cum Laude Awards.  We are so pleased and proud of the students’ accomplishments as this marks an unprecedented amount of eighth grade Awards.

This year, four students in grade six have received certificates of Merit for Introduction to Latin.

Latin Awards-5

Latin Awards-6

Latin Awards Group
Grade Six:

These students have received certificates of Merit for Introduction to Latin

Vibha K.,  Samuel P., Neeraj R., Hector V.
Latin Awards-7 Latin Awards-8 Latin Awards-9 Latin Awards-31
Grade Eight:
These students have received Gold Medals: A Summa Cum Laude Award
Amanda T. (no photo, not in attendance) , Shraddha I.,  Ansh T.
Latin Awards-10 Latin Awards-11
These students have received Silver Medals: A Maxima Cum Laude award
Angela P., Brinda V.,  Elizabeth V., Samuel G., Katherine M.
Latin Awards-12 Latin Awards-13 Latin Awards-14 Latin Awards-15 Latin Awards-16
These students received Magna cum Laude Awards
Amy K., Nihal K, Haley D., Kaitlyn B.
Latin Awards-17 Latin Awards-18 Latin Awards-19 Latin Awards-20
These students received Cum Laude Awards
Spencer J., Sophie K.,Sky D., Charlotte A., Kaylee D., Andrew B., Emma G.
Latin Awards-27 Latin Awards-26 Latin Awards-25 Latin Awards-24 Latin Awards-23 Latin Awards-22 Latin Awards-21
This student received a Special Award for excellence and perseverance in Latin
Owen N.
Latin Awards-28
Congratulations to all the students who worked so hard, and of course we’d like to extend our most sincere thanks to Dr. Perry!
You can find video of the event here or you can click play just below.