French Week – Monday

Today was the first day of French Week at BFCCPS.  Our theme this year is “Étudiants Sans Frontières.” (Students Without Borders). While languages open doors to the world, food serves as a window into its different cultures. The first day of French Week 2015 offered students an opportunity to sample three French delights – croissants, baguettes, and citron pressé – while being entertained by Aidan Clark, Mahita Mudundi, and Aliya Butt. Our doors opened at 7:30am and soon thereafter, students formed a line stretching down the hall. The event was so successful, we (unfortunately) ran out of food before the event finished! Désolé!

Monday’s French week activities continued into the morning with a bit of French trivia during morning announcements. The students were asked a question and answers were collected on slips of paper brought to the front office. Winners are chosen from a collection of correctly-answered entries and announced at the end of the school day. Today’s questions were:

  • for grades K-4: What is the capital of France?
  • for grades 5-7 : Who is the current president of France?

Check back tomorrow to see who won!

A special merci goes to Cindy Rodriguez and Ranjini Ramesh for coordinating and to Mrs. Kamath and Mrs. Haggerty for helping out with our petit déjeuner (breakfast) this morning.