Kindergarten Academic Assemblies

January 2020 – We were very excited to perform at the January kindergarten assembly with Mrs Jumes’s class.  Together we performed two songs and a poem to share what we have been learning about recently.  We sang about Dr. King and his beliefs in equality in honor of his birthday, as well as sang about penguins in relation to our recent study on Antarctica.  We also sang about 3D shapes in the world around us and even brought a few examples with us!

The following students were nominated for Leaves in the Forest of Virtue…

Anthony – justice & prudence
Lorelai  – fortitude & justice
Sarah  – fortitude & temperance
Anastasia – justice & prudence
Tagore – temperance & temperance

October 2010 – At the first kindergarten assembly, several students in our class earned their leaves in the Forest of Virtue.  It is truly a pleasure to have all of the students in our class this year.  The virtues we strive to learn are prudence, fortitude, justice, and temperance. The following students have been nominated for Leaves in the Forest of Virtue…

Tate – justice & prudence
CJ – fortitude & temperance
Namasvi – justice & prudence
Macie – justice & prudence
Rheya – fortitude & temperance