June 6, 2018

Dear BFCCPS Community,
Late last week, members of the Benjamin Franklin Educational Foundation, BFCCPS Administration and Staff attended an on-site meeting at our new property. The teams at Deadalus, CTA and Arrowstreet met with us to review the progress at the site to date. At this point, things are moving along at a rapid pace and we are so excited to share photos with you!
With a large on-site team we got to observe a variety of activities taking place. Rebar and forms were being placed, concrete was being poured and leveled to create the foundation of the building. 

At another part of the site, crews were working to sift the giant piles of fill which will be used in the future creation of our playgrounds and fields.
Moving forward, we will always provide a photo from this specific fire hydrant so that you can observe the progress from a consistent point of view. From this angle you are looking at the front of the school from the right hand side. As this photo series progresses you’ll be able to watch the full construction of the school, followed by the construction of the gymnasium.
Many thanks to both Mr. Tappin and Mr. Cimmino for the countless hours of volunteer service that they have dedicated to this project!
We expect the first of three deliveries of steel to take place around June 19th. Very soon we will be able to see the physical building taking shape. We look forward to sharing continued building progress with you on a regular basis moving forward.