A snow day affords me a moment to catch up on the Head of School Blog and share photos and video from the last few weeks.  I hope you enjoy just a glimpse at some of the wonderful things that are happening here at BFCCPS this month.

The Student Council helped to recognize our patron Benjamin Franklin’s 309th Birthday earlier this month. The kites shown below were created by joining individual student designs into quilted kites. As you see, Mr. Stemple was a great sport as he dressed up to mark the occasion! Students and faculty were given a free dress day to sport their favorite jerseys in preparation for the championship games.

Ben's Birthday Collage

As part of the BFCCPS’s Parent Community Organization Arts Enrichment series, the students were visited by Harriet Tubman. Students learned about Tubman’s role as the Conductor of the Underground Railroad and a soldier in the Civil War. Here are some questions to ask your child(ren) about her visit:

1) Why did Harriet Tubman want to escape to the North?
2) How did the underground railroad work?
3) Why do you think Harriet Tubman was a hero?

Harriet Tubman_-3

Students in Mrs. Condon’s class held an Academic Assembly to demonstrate their knowledge about the Fifty States.  If you missed the show, we invite you to watch the video here.

4C Assembly Jan 2014-25


Dr. Kelly’s 7th and 8th Grade ELA classes presented at an assembly this month as well. The 7th grade class brought Wordly Wise to life in a series of creative and sometimes downright hilarious skits.  The 8th Grade ELA class mourned the loss of their favorite characters in an entertaining series of video memorials.

Wordly Wise comes to life

This month several students in grades K-4 were recognized with a Leaf in the Forest of Virtue, you’ll find more photos from the ceremony here.

Jan 2015 Leaves Collage

Select students in Grades 5-8 were recognized with Character in Action Awards for exceptional demonstrations of character. Madame Malouf also was presented with a Character in Action award, Madame was so very missed during her extended absence this fall and our students are simply thrilled to have her back! Congratulations to all the recipients this month.

January 2015

January 2015 - Mme. M

Mrs. Wolfe has updated the Artist of the Week bulletin board downstairs to highlight some spectacular student work. In case you don’t get a chance to make it in to see this board on a regular basis, we will be sharing updates here on the Head of School Blog regularly moving forward.

January will wrap up with the 8th Grade Capstone Presentations.  This is a culminating piece of the character education and community service pillars here at BFCCPS.  Presentations will be held on Thursday and Friday morning and regardless of what grade your students are in, parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. I assure you that you will be amazed by what our students have accomplished!


Camp Rock: The Musical is coming soon!  The cast includes 35 students in grades six through eight as well as a large supporting crew. You can pre-order tickets for the show using this form and I hope to see you there!