Deep in the mission of BFCCPS is the idea that in order to best educate a child, you must educate the whole child. This means that education goes beyond simply learning to read, and memorizing math facts. Do not get me wrong, those skills are integral to being a successful student, as well as a successful member of a greater society, however, a child’s ability to express themselves, whether through speech, written word, instrumental music, or visual art is an essential part of learning. I am continuously amazed at the artistic talents of our students, and Ms. Wolfe’s ability to draw this out in our students (pun absolutely intended). This ability is evident in the artwork currently on exhibit at the Franklin Library.

Each student at BFCCPS has the opportunity to display a piece of artwork that they have created during the 2012-2013 academic year. This event gives parents, students, as well as faculty and staff an opportunity to see what our students are learning in visual art, and the multitude of ways that they can express themselves.

Walking through the exhibit, you will see some new projects such as the Truffla Tree sculptures created by the Kindergartners, interspersed with the mosaic houses created by our fourth grade students, each labeled with the students name, laid out in a beautiful neighborhood scene, or the eighth grade “Hands” project, where the eighth graders drew what they felt their hands would look like/represent. Some held the flags of the countries their parents were from, or played the piano they have practiced since they were 3 years old. It is an amazing opportunity to get a glimpse at what our 8th graders think of when they have to define themselves.

Some of the projects are favorites that the students look forward to completing, such as the seventh grade American Gothic drawings. A stroll down that exhibit will treat the visitor to Calvin and Hobbes, R2D2 and C3PO, or even Phineas and Ferb taking the place of Grant Woods’ famous farmer and daughter pose.

Ms. Wolfe and Mr. Luke Callahan worked together this year to make the Art Show experience an interactive one. Mr. Callahan provided QR codes that could be scanned by the visitors using any smart phone or tablet with a QR Reader app. Once scanned, the QR codes bring you to sections on the BFCCPS website that includes pictures of the students completing their various art projects. There are endless opportunities in the future to use this option again, linking the artwork to videos of the art classes or even written reflection work that went along with the assignments.

The Art Show, like many other events at BFCCPS, would not be possible without the cooperation, help and support of many members of the BFCCPS community. Thank you to Ms. Wolfe for continuing to provide such an amazing opportunity for our students to display the art they work so hard on all year. Thank you to the parents, faculty, staff and students who helped with the transportation of the artwork, and the many hours it took to set up the displays. Thank you to the community members who offered refreshments for the reception, and thank you for those of you who had an opportunity to stop by and see the work our students have completed. If you have not yet had a chance to check it out, make sure you make your way to the Franklin Library to see the latest BFCCPS Art Exhibit!


Mrs. Zolnowski

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