Last week, the BFCCPS community joined together to celebrate the faculty and staff that help to make this a truly remarkable school. The kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness that was shown to the faculty and staff was quite humbling. From the incredible updates to the bathroom (which is now referred to the Spa, or sometimes even Coach Simpson’s office), to the generous gift bags and daily raffles (I happened to win cupcakes AND $10.00 in the SAME DAY!!), to the delicious breakfasts and lunches, the faculty and staff were greeted each morning, and left each day, understanding just how much the parents and students value the work they do every day educating the 448 remarkable BFCCPS students.

Thank you to the PCO Teacher Appreciation Committee, as well as to each of the parents and students who made us feel so valued and respected. It is an honor to be able to work with you and your children every day. This is a truly magical place, and one I appreciate being a part of!


Mrs. Zolnowski

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