BFCCPS has partnered with Heifer International as our global service project since 2006.  This year, Rachel Brown came to BFCCPS to help organize a fun series of hands on activities.  As a K-8 school we have a unique opportunity to pair our oldest students with our youngest students.  These pairings are mutually beneficial to the students and it is wonderful to witness them spending time together!

In the morning, Rachel trained our Grade Eight students on the content to run four different workshops for our younger students.


In the afternoon these grade eight students broke into small groups in a rotating series of workshops for our younger students in Grades K-3. Our students learned about all the ways that the gift of chickens can benefit a family.  Each plastic egg gave a clue to ways that chickens can assist a family in need.  They also talked about the life of a free range chicken versus commercially grown chicken.


At another station students built a “human water buffalo” and talked about the many ways that the gift of a water buffalo can provide assistance.  From the material in the horns, to buffalo milk and even the manure it is a helpful animal indeed. The big kids found just as much humor in this workshop as the little kids did.


Students learned about different regions in the world where Heifer aids families in needs at this station. Our older students reviewed a particular scenario and gave clues as to which animals might be the best helper, the younger students voted to decide which animal would be the best gift to meet the families needs. Kudos to our K-3 students for being able to make smart observations and come to the correct conclusions to solve these puzzles!


In our final station,  students got the chance to learn about the gift of sheep by carding and twisting wool to into yarn bracelets. This looks like serious work here, but they had a lot of fun!



Many thanks to Rachel Brown for spending the day with us and to our Grade Eight students for doing such an incredible job working with our younger students.  Please enjoy even more photos from the day in this gallery.

You can learn more about Heifer International here.