Each year I offer a Head of School Half Day Experience during the PCO Spring Family Social.  This week, I was thrilled to spend some time with two small and lovely assistants.  Isabella M. spent Tuesday morning with me. During her shift she saw the Grade 2 field trip safely off to their excursion to the Stadium Theater, she granted an extra recess period to Mrs. Jumes class and visited them as a mystery reader. She also stopped by the Student Services office to tell them to take a well deserved coffee break! Bella got to communicate with BFCCPS Central Office staff using a walkie talkie.

Haasini S. joined me Wednesday afternoon for her Head of School Half Day Experience.  After fielding questions from the classroom for a variety of requests including no homework for the rest of the year and a raise for Mrs. Weidman, Haasini made an appearance in Mrs. Jumes’ class to review a Superkid Presentation, made a guest appearance in the Library to be a Mystery Reader and checked in with Coach Burke to review and approve her plans for the 5th grade PE period.  She rounded out the day visiting the BFCCPS Gardens with Mrs. Schwab to help locate a place for the 6th Graders to plant sunflowers.

Thanks to Bella and Haasini for sharing your time and talents with the BFCCPS Community.