On Friday, October 12, 2012, the BFCCPS PCO brought artist Bren Bataclan (visit bataclan.com) to present his Smile Boston Project to the students of BFCCPS. Bren is an energetic, compassionate artist, who draws and paints whimsical artwork involving his own creative characters. He then leaves these paintings in public places all around the World, with messages of hope, happiness, and the idea that he just wants to brighten someone’s day. After presenting his idea to the students, he walked them through how to draw some of his most famous characters, as well as gave them the creative freedom to modify his drawings to illustrate their own unique personalities. Students spent a good part of the assembly drawing the characters, and sharing them with Bren and the rest of the students.

After returning to class, Mrs. Schaefer’s fourth grade class decided to continue Mr. Bataclan’s unique project, BFCCPS style of course. They took the drawings they had created during the assembly, redrew them on a larger sheet of paper and then colored them. They attached pieces of paper to their artwork that encouraged the BFCCPS community to do something that showed good character. If they did, they would be permitted to keep the picture. They then started hiding them throughout the building.

After dismissal duty, as I was heading back to my office, I ran into our bookkeeper, Suzanne Graham. She had one of the student’s drawings in her hands and had thought that a student had dropped it on their way out of the building, and wanted to make sure it made it’s way to the front office in case the student had been looking for it. It was then that she saw the note. Puzzled, she said, “Mrs. Zolnowski, I found this artwork, but the letter said if I show good character that I could keep it.” I told her bringing what she thought was lost artwork to the front office showed great character, and she should go ahead and keep it. She walked off, with a smile on her face! Way to go Mrs. Schafer’s fourth grade class. You have successfully brought the “Smile Boston Project” to BFCCPS!


Mrs. Zolnowski

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