High Fashion and the Performing Arts Meet at BFCCPS

The Dr. O’Malley Auditorium was recently transformed into a runway, as BFCCPS students worked together to support fellow classmate Helen Huang’s capstone project. Helen based her seventh and eighth grade community service capstone project around building self-esteem in girls. She focused on supporting Girls Inc., a non-profit organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through life-changing programs and experiences that help girls navigate gender, economic, and social barriers.

Helen decided to hold a BFCCPS fashion show to help inspire girls in her community to be themselves, and to celebrate the wonderful girls they are. Helen recruited nine girls in grades 7 and 8 to participate in her fashion show. The girls wore their favorite outfits that depicted their own unique style, personalities, and fashion sense in three categories: Summertime, Back to School, and Formal Wear. Maddie McPherson served as the announcer for the evening, and Lucas Gruner offered professional tech, light, and sound support for this event.

The night started with a three song, piano concert performed by our host, Helen Huang. The three songs she chose to play, from memory, were an enchanting way to start the evening. After her welcome and performance, the lights were dimmed, and the audience was treated to a high energy, exciting fashion extravaganza. The girls who participated in the fashion show walked up and down the runway with poise, excitement, and a little bit of attitude, each dressed in clothes that highlighted their own individual sense of style and personality. It was so much fun to watch these girls having so much fun. The music was perfectly matched to each of the categories and the excitement and energy of the girls was infectious.

After the fashion show, the models invited the audience to share in refreshments, as the models played with and interacted with the younger students who had attended the show. This fashion show and concert offered a wonderful opportunity for our younger students to see the individuality of each of the girls and to see them not only as fashion models, but also as role models for individuality, healthy self-esteem, and allowing their personalities to shine!


Mrs. Zolnowski

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