As a local community service project, 5th grade decided to do a food drive for the Rhode Island Food Bank during the holiday season. Both classes set a goal and Ms. Lynch’s class set a goal that we could collect 100 canned goods. After one week, we already had more than 100 canned goods, so we decided to raise our goal to 200. Throughout the collection of our canned goods, we kept track of the items through a class graph and incorporated the food drive into math lessons and class discussions on character education.

We quickly collected 200 items so we wanted to set one more goal and as a class we all wanted 350. On the second to last day, we still needed 61 more canned goods. The next day a lot of people brought cans, but we still were 11 short of 350. A student in our class was walking back from the bathroom when she saw next to our door a bag of cans with a “Special Delivery” sign. We counted them up and we had 14 cans! The class erupted in celebration. After this we met our goal of 350. Later that day two parents brought in more canned goods and by the end of the day we had over 350 cans. The other class exceeded their goal of 100. They ended up having a total of 110 canned goods. In total, all of the canned goods from both classes weighed 477 pounds. We enjoyed the food drive and we want to do another one by the end of the year with an even higher goal!

-Ella G. and Harper T.