Due to time constraints this year, we had to make the difficult decision to forgo our normal 7th and 8th grade science fair. Our 8th graders participated in a much smaller science fair; in addition they had the option to compete in a regional science fair. The students who elected to participate worked independently with weekly check-ins from our Science Teacher Mrs. Ting.

Despite what has been a challenging year to say the very least, four 8th grade students elected to participate in this opportunity. We thank all four students (and their parents!) for their relentless pursuit of knowledge, and their interest in competing this year. Nidhi, Saipragnesh and Shazmeera are eligible to participate in the State level competition later this year and we wish them all the best of luck!

You can find their projects linked below and hope you will check them out!


Nidhi Ramesh: “Investigating an Infinity Mirror”
Second place award Junior Division
Additional award • Region III Science Fair Committee Award for Excellence in Science


Saipragnesh Kantheti : “Rocketology”
Second place award Junior Division
Additional award • Bristol Community College Foundation Award – Project showing outstanding ingenuity and creativity


Shazmeera Abbas: “Modeling the Cardiovascular System: The Factors that Affect Blood Rate”
Third place award junior division 


Praksitha Rajaskeran also participated with her project titled “On the Path to Artificially Making a Kidney”