Recently the sixth grade made a book trailer based on a book we chose to read. After we read the books, we started designing a storyboard recording the book’s plot. When we we ready to making the movies, iMovie wasn’t working, so our project was put on hold for a bit. When iMovie was working, we continued our project. We had to find images about our book from the web and saved them to our Google Drive. Afer we pieced our images together, we recorded our narration based on our storyboards and added sound effects. After all of our editing, we uploaded our booktrailers to so we could see all of our work. Overall, our project was a blast and I learned a lot about plot and video production!
— Submitted by Sparsh V. Grade Six

Grade 6 Trailer Grade 6 Trailer-2 Grade 6 Trailer-3 Grade 6 Trailer-4 Grade 6 Trailer-6 Grade 6 Trailer-8