After many hours of hard work, researching and dedication, sixth grader Shoyaib has completed the Google Apps Ninja Program and become the first Google Apps Master at the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School!

Shoyaib completed four modules in the Google Apps for Education program including Gmail, Drive, Calendars and Search. In order to pass each exam and become a Google Apps Master, Shoyaib received an 80% or better on each of the 16-exams!

The Google Apps Ninja Program was designed for students to dive deeper into the Google Apps for Education programs they work with each day and to learn how to effectively use the programs in an educational context. Shoyaib showed a willingness to search and find answers using the exact resources Google provides to teachers and educators! This is no easy task!

Shoyaib is a true trailblazer and any student who would like to follow in his foot-steps and pass the 16-exams to become a Google Apps Master, will earn a certificate, t-shirt and pizza party in June.

If any fifth through eighth grade student would like to work on becoming a Google Apps Master themselves, please visit the Becoming a Google Apps Ninja page.

Congratulations Shoyaib!