Early this week, the entire school participated in various community service activities. The eighth grade students worked together to plan and execute a school wide photo shoot, complete with seasonal props, and an entire class dressed up like Abraham Lincoln.

The second grade worked together to make Holiday cards and napkin rings for Meals on Wheels and kindergarten classes made cards for soldiers serving over seas, while many classes assisted with setting up our Fall Whole School Community Service Initiative: Supporting the Franklin Food Pantry.

Many classes worked on making a “Giving Tree” that is displayed on the bulletin board outside of the Head of School of office. The tree is covered with “leaves” that list a specific item that the food pantry is in need of.

Families are asked to pull a leaf from the tree, and bring in the item listed on that leaf, to your child’s homeroom teacher by October 30th. If you can not get into school to pull a leaf, you may ask your child’s classroom teacher to send one home with your child, or direct your child to pull one as they are entering the building.

Needed Items:

Hand Sanitizer
Granola Bars/snacks
White tuna
Rice and pasta side dishes
All purpose cleaner
Pet food-wet and dry cat and dog food
Baby wipes
Toilet Paper